Saturday, April 24, 2010

A lot of us on YouTube are petitioning Google to remove videos by white supremacist David Duke, which have increased with an alarming rate over the last few months. Most of the emails I have sent to Admin have basically been ignored, and so far YouTube has done nothing to remove this individual from our community. Hope springs eternal, though, and perhaps the YT gurus will respond to our requests sometime soon.

It seems Duke's fan club, made up of every insignificant, aging xenophobe on the planet who can manage to straighten out their arthritic fingers and muster up the strength to reach his or her computer keyboard, is fanatically dedicated to putting his views out there, and equally dedicated to removing and blocking every voice that dissents from David Duke's personal point of view. Some of Duke's pernicious video offerings include rants that vilify the Jewish holidays of Chanukah and Purim.

I was looking at one of Duke's video pages, and I noticed that he seems to be talking to people in the comments section who don't seem to be there. Then I realized Duke, or whoever is running his channel if he himself isn't - is selectively removing any negativity or criticism posters may make about him in order to put the aging white supremacist in the best possible light. I don't fault him in the least - after all, Duke is still suffering from severe anemia in the public relations department.

I really don't care if David Duke is on YouTube talking about how his racial heritage is slowing eroding away, or that his white European people are being assimilated at an "alarming rate", or that his culture is being passed up while minority groups get the spotlight for advancing in areas of arts, sciences, and other endeavors. He is free to whine and complain all he wants. It's when he singles out a speciific group he thinks is ultimately responsible for keeping his people "down".

Would you like to hazard a guess as to which group Duke thinks bears responsibilty for all his white people's ills? In fact, I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count, O.K.?

David Duke has made a career and a living off of denigrating minority groups, and the latest people in his sights are my people, the Jews. Mind you, Duke has always loathed Jews, and on occasion in his youth has turned to other pastimes, such as spitting on Mexican immigrants or hanging African-Americans, but Duke has always held a special hate in his heart for myself and my tribesmen. He recently moved out of the U.S. to Salzberg, Austria, where he is the guest of one of his wealthier benefactors, who no doubt has an autographed portrait of Adolph Eichmann hanging above the fireplace in his "Tribute to the Waffen SS" rumpus room, right next to the glass-cased, mummified body of Hermann Goering's pet gerbil. If you look closely enough, you can still see where the fur was ripped off the poor creature's body removing the duct tape.

But I digress...

Duke, like most of his comrades on the Hitler pep squad, suffers from another malady - an anemic lack of judgment. The guy just doesn't get it - people don't like him or his views, and that includes American colleges and universities. They, like most others, think he's a vile, racist publicity-seeker with a bad haircut. The former Grand Dragon was betting on the notion that academia would somehow develop long term amnesia and forget his racist days of running the Klan. Duke lost the bet.

Thus the move across the pond to the country which had the misfortune of spawning one of the most homicidal monsters in history. Duke, when he's not enjoying the splendor of the Austrian Alps, travels to the Ukraine, where he is a "professor" at the private Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management or MAUP, as it's know by it's acronym. In 2008 MAUP received the honor by the U.S. State Department of being, in their words, "one of the most persistent anti-Semitic institutions in Eastern Europe" which receives "a significant portion of its funding from Arab and Muslim states". MAUP's critics claim the institute exibits "traditional antisemitic propaganda traits that have no connection to Zionism, such as religious antisemitism or solely blaming the Jews for the Russian October Revolution or the Holodomor of 1932-1933. MAUP was apparently the only institution that would give Duke some sort of tenure.

On June 3, 2005, MAUP sponsored a one-day conference entitled "Zionism As the Biggest Threat to Modern Civilization" attended by Duke. The Ukrainian newspaper the Kyiv Post called the gathering - quote: "a disgusting orgy of racism and hatred". Two months later, MAUP awarded Duke with a PhD. and gave him a faculty position. Can anyone say "diploma mill"? Duke no doubt submitted a draft of his anti-semitic screed "My Awakening" as his final paper - just slap a fancy cover on it, and it was ready to go.

And to think I wasted all those years in school.