Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Developmentally Disabled Duo

You have to hand it to YouTube's ersatz fuhrer, John Alan Martinson of the One World Nazi Party - he sure knows how to make an entrance, or in this case a re-entrance. His new channel, "VoiceofVenomRadio", which launched onto YouTube on - you guessed it - April Fools Day, is supposed to be the social networking repository for all of the make-your-ears-bleed screechings that are cranked out by Martinson's internet radio show of the same name.

Jammy - who currently goes by the moniker "Dev Samael Daval" has, by returning AGAIN, clearly violated YouTube's terms of service, which states clearly a person can't come back after a suspension. Maybe Martinson suffers from the same disability of illiteracy as another YouTube wannabe fuhrer, Scott Roberts, who apparently is unable to read and understand YouTube's community guidelines either.

For this latest round of YouTube Account Jeopardy, Jammy Jr. - I mean "Daval" - has teamed up with another nut job, the James Von Brunn understudy Adam Austin, another fine, upstanding (and also recently suspended) member of the YouTube Idiots Bund. Austin is the fouled-mouthed neo-nazi cretin that runs the web site Subverted Nation, and if you've had the chance - and the misfortune - of visiting this internet cesspool of a site, you know how much Austin just loves the Jewish people. You'd think you'd need to start stuffing cotton balls in your ears, but no need - only dogs can hear the particular decibel level of whining this pair of mysanthopic misfits is doing - it's enough to shatter glass.

All we need now is for Scott Roberts to join Voice of Venom, and it would a real conspiracy trifecta from hell.

As for Austin - he's been a little pissed off as of late. Apparently, no reputable publishing house would touch his recent literary venture called "Basic Training for Revolutionaries", so he was forced to make it available as a PDF download and beg for donations. Apparently even white supremacist company Noontide Press didn't want it, it stunk so bad.

What's wrong with these people? Why do they find it so difficult to adapt and assimilate into normal society? Why do they reject rational thought and sink deeper and deeper into the tar pit of conspiracy theory? To truly understand these people, who on the surface, appear normal, even highly intellectual, you have to understand the mind that has been infected by irrational conspiracy theories.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists like Martinson, Austin, and Scott Roberts violate all laws of logic and reasoning, two things that are essential in order to engage in rational discourse. Forget peer review - they have no peers except for their fellow conspiracists who believe the same distorted things they do. Scientific or historical knowledge? Respectability of sources? Nope. They ignore history and their sources are as flawed and bigoted as they are. They can't tell a good theory or source from a bad one or good evidence from bad evidence. So forget trying to engage any one of them in a rational discussion - it isn't going to happen, because they're not rational in the true sense of the word.

Hopefully, YouTube and Google Admin will soon take matters in hand, and this recent Storming-of-the-YouTube-Castle by Austin and Martinson will be short-lived, and they'll be stuffed back in their cages (hopefully this time Federal ones) where they belong.