Monday, August 23, 2010

Boycott Campaign in U.S. Sputtering Out

(IsraelNationalNews), the online edition of the Boston Globe, has made a gallant, but failed, effort to show that boycotting of Israel is gaining steam in the U.S.

The article in question, published yesterday, begins as follows: “In May, rock legend Elvis Costello canceled his gig in Israel. Then, in June, a group of unionized dock workers in San Francisco refused to unload an Israeli ship. In August, a food co-op in Washington state removed Israeli products from its shelves. “

Each of these “examples” deserves individual attention. The “food co-op in Washington state” is actually a small, two-store concern, both of whose stores are in one city – Olympia. The little company made headlines by demanding that Israel accept the PA position in its entirety. Click here for a detailed analysis of the co-op’s stance.

The dock workers who “refused” to unload the Israeli ship actually were not there when the boat arrived; a group of protestors had arrived to stop the unloading of the ship, but they succeeded only in blocking a Chinese ship from being de-cargoed; when the Israeli ship arrived several hours later, the local union followed rules by not ordering night shift workers to unload it. It was unloaded uneventfully the next day.

Costello, who made headlines at the height of his career in 1979 when he used racist profanities to describe black singers Ray Charles and James Brown, canceled his two summer appearances in Israel after tickets had been sold – even though the so-called “intimidation and humiliation of Palestinians in the name of [Israel’s] national security” about which he complained had not changed from the time he signed the contract for his Israel appearances. On the other hand, Elton John braved a call by British academics to cancel his performance in Israel, following other international stars such as Paul McCartney, Madonna, Leonard Cohen, and others.

In short, though’s Farah Stockman writes that “the so-called ‘boycott, divestment, and sanctions’ movement aimed at pressuring Israel to withdraw from land claimed by Palestinians” is now showing signs of “picking up momentum,” this conclusion should be taken with a dollop of salt.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Meds Could Stop Cancer by Cutting Off Its Blood

(Note: Antisemites/anti-Israel people really need to read this - they're the ones whining about how Israel is the world's "welfare queen")

Researchers at Tel Aviv University are developing a new family of medicines that could provide preventive treatment for cancer, or turn existing cancer into a chronic disease that one can live with for years.

Details of the study, which was conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro of the Physiology and Pharmacology Department in the Sackler School of Medicine, will be published in the September 2010 issue of FASEB Journal – the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

The study is based on the idea that doctors can prevent a cancerous tumor from growing bigger by damaging the process of angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels that provide the tumor with oxygen and nutrients.

The researchers tested the efficacy of innovative polymeric carriers designed to deliver medicines directly to the cancer cells. In this way, the medicines do not harm healthy tissue and the amount of medicine required is significantly reduced, as are its side effects.

The carriers were developed by Dr. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Dr. Paula Ofek and colleagues at Berlin University. They were connected to a siRNA-type gene-suppressant and injected into laboratory mice with cancerous tumors. The results were very encouraging: the carriers took the siRNA directly to the cancer cells, and the compound passed through the cell walls and silenced the target genes, without causing the poisoning symptoms that usually accompany cancer treatments.

The researchers now hope to do the same thing with siRNA that can silence a gene that plays a key role in angiogenesis.

Dr. Satchi-Fainaro said that this kind of treatment could revolutionize cancer therapy. People who are not sick but are at high risk of developing cancer – like former cancer patients or carriers of certain genetic mutations – will be able to receive preventive treatment. In people who have cancer, the medicines will keep the tumor in a state of “hibernation” and turn the cancer into a chronic disease that can be managed for many years, while maintaining a high quality of life.

(Courtesy of

Iranian Website Denies Holocaust Using Anti-Semitic Caricatures

A new Iranian website has launched, dedicated to denying and mocking the Holocaust, particularly through caricatures. The website,, has unsurprisingly angered Israel — and is actually relatively consistent with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s views.

The website — which can be viewed in Farsi, Arabic and English – features several cartoons and dedication to those who died “under the pretext of the Holocaust.” The Pink Panther theme music plays in the background.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre in Jerusalem called the website “the latest salvo emanating from Iran that denies the facts of the Holocaust and attempts to influence those who are ignorant of history.”

From a statement issued Thursday:

“The vulgar and cynical approach of the website, a combination of Holocaust denial and distortion, illustrated with anti-Semitic caricatures, further illustrates Iran’s disregard for reality and truth vis-a-vis the Holocaust, Jews and Israel.”

Ahmadinejad has expressed anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views numerous times in the past, and caused a stir when he called the Holocaust a “fairy tale” in 2005. Iran’s clerical regime has “repeatedly questioned or denied the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews” and the country has hosted a conference “endorsing Holocaust denial.”

On the more technical side, the website has painfully slow loading times, testing the patience of its visitors. Salon’s Judy Mandelbaum argues that this is what will prevent the site from becoming a problem:

If you can endure the excruciating loading times and then commit to slogging your way through all the primitive, intellectually insulting drawings and boneheaded texts without nodding off, then maybe, Houston, we really do have a problem. But let me suggest that if this is the best Tehran can throw at the supposedly defenseless West, we can leave Houston to its own devices for some time to come.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jew Watch Founder Arrested For Child Pornography

Frank R Weltner, the owner of the racist anti-Semitic website has been arrested for child pornography, and may face 10 years in jail. Below is the newspaper article from the St. Louis Today:

68-Year-Old Arrested for Child Pornography

(AP) 68-year-old Frank Weltner is facing child pornography charges after police searched his Saint Louis home on Thursday.

The St. Louis authorities began an investigation that led to a search warrant being executed at Mr Weltner's residence at 6937 Bruno Ave and police seized several laptops and computers from the suspect’s home.

During the initial data review, hundreds of images of child pornography were located within the confiscated devices belonging to the Weltner, said Sgt. James Harrison.

Frank Weltner has been charged with several counts of possession of child pornography as well as accessing child pornography. The cyber crime analyst unit is continuing with the investigation of the data.

Weltner was released on bail on Friday, and is scheduled to appear in court on a later date. If convicted he could face up to 10 yrs in prison.

Weltner is also known for being the owner of the controversial website as well as a member of the National Alliance (a white separatist organization).

Members of the St Louis Police Dept, began the investigation in May, which involved a broad monitoring of the public domain of the internet. As well as monitoring of the suspect’s home, which led to his arrest.

It’s not clear whether Weltner also engaged in sexual activity with minors, but authorities have thus far refused to comment, due to the ongoing investigation.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Israel Developing Switch To Make Computers 100s of Times Faster

( - A new nano-based technology being developed at Tel Aviv University will make computers and the internet hundreds of times faster.

Dr. Koby Scheuer of the university's School of Electrical Engineering has developed a new plastic-based technology for the nano-photonics market, which manufactures optical devices and components. Reported in the journal Optics Express, his plastic-based “filter” is made from nanometer-sized grooves embedded into the plastic. When used in fiber optics cable switches, this new device will make our communication devices smaller, more flexible and more powerful, he says.

“Once Americans have a fiber optics cable coming into every home, all communication will go through it –– telephone, cable TV, the Internet. But to avoid bottlenecks of information, we need to separate the information coming through into different channels. Our [new] polymeric devices can do that in the optical domain ― at a speed, quality and cost that the semi-conductor industry can’t even imagine,” Dr. Scheuer says.

Every optical device used in today’s communication tools has a filter. Whether it’s the drive reader in your MacBook or the cable that brings cheap long-distance phone calls to your home, each system uses filters to clean up the signal and interpret the different messages. In the next decade, fiber optic cables that now run from city to city will feed directly into every individual home. When that technology comes to light, the new plastic-based switches could revolutionize the way we communicate.

“Right now, we could transmit all of the written text of the world though a single fiber in a fiber optics cable in just a few seconds,” says Dr. Scheuer. “But in order to handle these massive amounts of communication data, we need filters to make sense of the incoming information. Ours uses a plastic-based switch, replacing hard-to-fabricate and expensive semi-conductors.”

Semi-conductors, grown on crystals in sterile labs and processed in special ovens, take days and sometimes months to manufacture. They are delicate and inflexible as well, Dr. Scheuer explains. “Our plastic polymer switches come in an easy-to-work-with liquid solution. Using a method called ‘stamping,’ almost any laboratory can make optical devices out of the silicon rubber mold we’ve developed.”

The silicon rubber mold is scored with nano-sized grooves, invisible to the eye and each less than a millionth of a meter in width. A plastic solution can be poured over the mold to replicate the optical switch in minutes. When in place in a fiber-optic network, the grooves on the switch modulate light coming in through the cables, and the data is filtered and encoded into usable information.

The new technology is in development stages and may not be on the market for some five to ten years.

His biggest hurdle, says Dr. Scheuer, is in convincing the communications industry that polymers are stable materials.

“There is a lot of prejudice in this industry against plastics. But this approach could take us to a new level of communication,” the researcher says. He also notes that the process is not much different from the way that mass numbers of DVDs are produced in a factory –– except Dr. Scheuer works on a nano, not a “giant” micro, scale.

His device can also be used in the gyros of planes, ships and rockets and inserted into cell phones. The new breakthrough device can even be made a part of flexible virtual reality gloves so doctors could “operate” on patients via computer networks over large distances.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A lot of us on YouTube are petitioning Google to remove videos by white supremacist David Duke, which have increased with an alarming rate over the last few months. Most of the emails I have sent to Admin have basically been ignored, and so far YouTube has done nothing to remove this individual from our community. Hope springs eternal, though, and perhaps the YT gurus will respond to our requests sometime soon.

It seems Duke's fan club, made up of every insignificant, aging xenophobe on the planet who can manage to straighten out their arthritic fingers and muster up the strength to reach his or her computer keyboard, is fanatically dedicated to putting his views out there, and equally dedicated to removing and blocking every voice that dissents from David Duke's personal point of view. Some of Duke's pernicious video offerings include rants that vilify the Jewish holidays of Chanukah and Purim.

I was looking at one of Duke's video pages, and I noticed that he seems to be talking to people in the comments section who don't seem to be there. Then I realized Duke, or whoever is running his channel if he himself isn't - is selectively removing any negativity or criticism posters may make about him in order to put the aging white supremacist in the best possible light. I don't fault him in the least - after all, Duke is still suffering from severe anemia in the public relations department.

I really don't care if David Duke is on YouTube talking about how his racial heritage is slowing eroding away, or that his white European people are being assimilated at an "alarming rate", or that his culture is being passed up while minority groups get the spotlight for advancing in areas of arts, sciences, and other endeavors. He is free to whine and complain all he wants. It's when he singles out a speciific group he thinks is ultimately responsible for keeping his people "down".

Would you like to hazard a guess as to which group Duke thinks bears responsibilty for all his white people's ills? In fact, I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count, O.K.?

David Duke has made a career and a living off of denigrating minority groups, and the latest people in his sights are my people, the Jews. Mind you, Duke has always loathed Jews, and on occasion in his youth has turned to other pastimes, such as spitting on Mexican immigrants or hanging African-Americans, but Duke has always held a special hate in his heart for myself and my tribesmen. He recently moved out of the U.S. to Salzberg, Austria, where he is the guest of one of his wealthier benefactors, who no doubt has an autographed portrait of Adolph Eichmann hanging above the fireplace in his "Tribute to the Waffen SS" rumpus room, right next to the glass-cased, mummified body of Hermann Goering's pet gerbil. If you look closely enough, you can still see where the fur was ripped off the poor creature's body removing the duct tape.

But I digress...

Duke, like most of his comrades on the Hitler pep squad, suffers from another malady - an anemic lack of judgment. The guy just doesn't get it - people don't like him or his views, and that includes American colleges and universities. They, like most others, think he's a vile, racist publicity-seeker with a bad haircut. The former Grand Dragon was betting on the notion that academia would somehow develop long term amnesia and forget his racist days of running the Klan. Duke lost the bet.

Thus the move across the pond to the country which had the misfortune of spawning one of the most homicidal monsters in history. Duke, when he's not enjoying the splendor of the Austrian Alps, travels to the Ukraine, where he is a "professor" at the private Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management or MAUP, as it's know by it's acronym. In 2008 MAUP received the honor by the U.S. State Department of being, in their words, "one of the most persistent anti-Semitic institutions in Eastern Europe" which receives "a significant portion of its funding from Arab and Muslim states". MAUP's critics claim the institute exibits "traditional antisemitic propaganda traits that have no connection to Zionism, such as religious antisemitism or solely blaming the Jews for the Russian October Revolution or the Holodomor of 1932-1933. MAUP was apparently the only institution that would give Duke some sort of tenure.

On June 3, 2005, MAUP sponsored a one-day conference entitled "Zionism As the Biggest Threat to Modern Civilization" attended by Duke. The Ukrainian newspaper the Kyiv Post called the gathering - quote: "a disgusting orgy of racism and hatred". Two months later, MAUP awarded Duke with a PhD. and gave him a faculty position. Can anyone say "diploma mill"? Duke no doubt submitted a draft of his anti-semitic screed "My Awakening" as his final paper - just slap a fancy cover on it, and it was ready to go.

And to think I wasted all those years in school.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Longtime White Supremacist Gets His Comeuppance

Richard Barrett, a longtime white supremacist leader, anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier who generated more publicity than influence, was found dead April 22nd in his Pearl, Mississippi home, apparently the victim of a homicide.

According to news reports, firefighters discovered his body in a bathroom after neighbors reported a fire at Barrett’s home around 8 a.m. Few details have been released about the incident, which is under investigation by local, state and federal authorities.Barrett, 67, had a long history of denigrating minorities, particularly blacks, Jews, immigrants and gays. In recent years, Barrett ran an online forum for racist skinheads.

Barrett's death shows a marked trend in retribution against white supremacists. It comes literally on the heels of the stabbing death earlier this month of South African White supremacist Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement. Terreblanche was bludgeoned and stabbed to death with clubs and a machete in an attack at his farm near the town of Ventersdorp in South Africa's North West Province.

I doubt many tears will be shed over Barrett's departure from this mortal coil, especially by this writer. People in general get fed up with these hate mongers, who abuse their 1st Amendment rights while wrapping themselves in the American flag. For someone like myself who is a veteran, I find it nauseating that Barrett spent the majority of his post-military life trying to upset the fabric of our democracy, something I fought to protect.

Hate has it consequences, sometimes violent. It may be long in being dealt out, but eventually, it catches up to the perpetrator, whether it's a long federal prison sentence, or in Barrett's case, a slab at the morgue.

"Liberty and Justice For All"...the last sentence of the Pledge of Allegiance. My hope is that dream will continue to be realized in America. Justice certainly was realized in the case of Richard Barrett.

No tears shed. Good riddance.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Developmentally Disabled Duo

You have to hand it to YouTube's ersatz fuhrer, John Alan Martinson of the One World Nazi Party - he sure knows how to make an entrance, or in this case a re-entrance. His new channel, "VoiceofVenomRadio", which launched onto YouTube on - you guessed it - April Fools Day, is supposed to be the social networking repository for all of the make-your-ears-bleed screechings that are cranked out by Martinson's internet radio show of the same name.

Jammy - who currently goes by the moniker "Dev Samael Daval" has, by returning AGAIN, clearly violated YouTube's terms of service, which states clearly a person can't come back after a suspension. Maybe Martinson suffers from the same disability of illiteracy as another YouTube wannabe fuhrer, Scott Roberts, who apparently is unable to read and understand YouTube's community guidelines either.

For this latest round of YouTube Account Jeopardy, Jammy Jr. - I mean "Daval" - has teamed up with another nut job, the James Von Brunn understudy Adam Austin, another fine, upstanding (and also recently suspended) member of the YouTube Idiots Bund. Austin is the fouled-mouthed neo-nazi cretin that runs the web site Subverted Nation, and if you've had the chance - and the misfortune - of visiting this internet cesspool of a site, you know how much Austin just loves the Jewish people. You'd think you'd need to start stuffing cotton balls in your ears, but no need - only dogs can hear the particular decibel level of whining this pair of mysanthopic misfits is doing - it's enough to shatter glass.

All we need now is for Scott Roberts to join Voice of Venom, and it would a real conspiracy trifecta from hell.

As for Austin - he's been a little pissed off as of late. Apparently, no reputable publishing house would touch his recent literary venture called "Basic Training for Revolutionaries", so he was forced to make it available as a PDF download and beg for donations. Apparently even white supremacist company Noontide Press didn't want it, it stunk so bad.

What's wrong with these people? Why do they find it so difficult to adapt and assimilate into normal society? Why do they reject rational thought and sink deeper and deeper into the tar pit of conspiracy theory? To truly understand these people, who on the surface, appear normal, even highly intellectual, you have to understand the mind that has been infected by irrational conspiracy theories.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists like Martinson, Austin, and Scott Roberts violate all laws of logic and reasoning, two things that are essential in order to engage in rational discourse. Forget peer review - they have no peers except for their fellow conspiracists who believe the same distorted things they do. Scientific or historical knowledge? Respectability of sources? Nope. They ignore history and their sources are as flawed and bigoted as they are. They can't tell a good theory or source from a bad one or good evidence from bad evidence. So forget trying to engage any one of them in a rational discussion - it isn't going to happen, because they're not rational in the true sense of the word.

Hopefully, YouTube and Google Admin will soon take matters in hand, and this recent Storming-of-the-YouTube-Castle by Austin and Martinson will be short-lived, and they'll be stuffed back in their cages (hopefully this time Federal ones) where they belong.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jordanian organ trafficking suspect held in Yemen

SANAA — A Jordanian suspected of trafficking in human organs has been arrested in Yemen as he attempted to fly to Egypt along with seven of his "victims," the interior ministry said on its website on Saturday.

"Security forces in the capital arrested a Jordanian organ trader named Ramzi Khalil Abdullah Farah who was trying to travel to Egypt along with seven Yemeni victims," the ministry said.

It said Farah was wanted for allegedly recruiting people to sell their kidneys, and that the seven Yemenis, aged between 20 and 45, were "on their way to Egypt after being persuaded by the Jordanian trader" who advanced them money from the proposed sale of their organs.

The ministry website did not say how much was reportedly paid to each person. Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world.

The World Health Organisation considers Egypt, where hundreds of poor people sell kidneys or parts of their livers every year, to be a centre for organ trafficking.

Parliament in Cairo adopted a law to regulate organ transplants and limit trafficking in late February.

According to the United Nations, hundreds of poor Egyptians sell their kidneys and livers every year to buy food or pay off debts.

Jihad Jane Sidekick Charged in US Terror Plot

( A second American woman, 31-year-old Jamie Paulin Ramirez, has been charged with conspiracy in the alleged “Jihad Jane” plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilk. The artist's caricature of the founder of Islam, Mohammed, sparked protests and violent riots by Muslims around the world in 2007.

Ramirez turned herself in to the FBI at Philadelphia airport after flying in to the United States from Ireland, where she had been released by police on similar charges hours earlier.

The suspect, a resident of Colorado, was charged with conspiring with 46-year-old Colleen LaRose, also an American citizen, known in online forums as “Jihad Jane,” to murder Lars Vilks. LaRose pleaded not guilty in a Philadelphia court last month on charges of recruiting Islamist terrorists.

She allegedly recruited Ramirez in August 2009 through the Internet, inviting her to join her group at a location in Europe at a spot “like a training camp as well as a home.” The purpose, she said, was to “participate in and [act] in support of violent jihad.”

Ramirez was alleged by US officials to be a traveling companion to LaRose and having left the country in September with her six-year-old son. The charges include conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

LaRose faces life in prison if convicted on the charges, as well as a one million dollar fine. Ramirez, who also was alleged to have married an unnamed co-conspirator on the day she arrived at “terror training camp,” could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rabbi David Yosef Attacked in Mexico

( Israeli rabbi, Rabbi David Yosef, son of former Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was attacked in Mexico City on Saturday night. The anti-Semitic attack occurred as the rabbi walked near the Shaarei Shalom synagogue in the city.

The attackers approached the rabbi in a vehicle and began shouting anti-Semitic slurs. They also threw eggs at the rabbi and his companions.

The rabbi was accompanied by guards provided by a local Jewish security firm, who managed to shield him from the eggs and from an attempted physical assault. The rabbi was hit in the attack but was not injured, his companions reported.

The attackers were frightened off and ran away, with the guards in pursuit. They were apprehended a short time later. Local Jewish leaders expressed shock at the incident.

Rabbi Yosef, whose father is the Shas party spiritual leader, is in Mexico to strengthen the Jewish community there following the death of Moshe Saba, a major figure in the Mexican Jewish community.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Open Letter to Holocaust Deniers

January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Separate from Yom Ha'Shoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day on the Jewish calendar, It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 60/7 on November 1st,2005 during the 42nd plenary session.

On January 24th, 2005 during a special session, the United Nations General Assembly had previously marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the end of the Holocaust which resulted in the annihilation of 6 million European Jews and millions of others by the Nazi German regime.

January 27 is the date, in 1945, when the largest Nazi death camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Soviet troops.

The following is an open letter I wrote to all Holocaust deniers.


Dear Mr. Holocaust Denier:

If the Holocaust was indeed a hoax, who, specifically, was responsible for it? I will qualify my question by adding that just saying "the Jews" is not an adequate answer. I want to know - which Jews? Just saying "Zionists" is not adequate. I want to know - which Zionists? I want names - I want dates. I want the who, what, when, where, and why! But, above all, I want evidence to show that these people actually perpetrated this "hoax”. Are such questions all that unreasonable? I don’t think so.

After all, Mr. Holocaust Denier - it's you who are arguing for a conspiracy that would have to be on a scale so massive and so secretive, that nothing like it had ever been seen before or has ever been seen since. How could the logistics of how such a massive "hoax" could possibly be pulled off - much less kept secret for over 60 years - human nature being what it is? A massive conspiracy to INVENT a historical event and then catalogue it in such detail is unprecedented in human history, don’t you think?

I'm sure that other people reading this are very curious about the details. Are you suggesting that perhaps all these people got together: Jewish reporters; the New York Times; and the lawyers of Jewish organizations and fabricated the Holocaust, then forced the Allied nations - Britain, France, the United States, the USSR, and the rest of Europe - to falsify evidence, plant bodies, and fabricate documents? Are you serious? Do you even realize the massive undertaking it would have been?

And then I assume that this Jewish reporter, the New York Times, and the lawyers of “several Jewish organizations” created a shadowy unit of enforcers to KEEP the governments of Britain, France, the United States, the USSR, and the rest of Europe in compliance with this fabrication, as well as penetrating academia to force them to go along with it as well? Are you sure this is the best you can do? I'm just curious where this diabloical scheme was hatched, and who carried it out.

I would ask to to please present YOUR narrative of what really happened in Europe from 1933 to 1945, and explain to me who organized the Holocaust, and how it was done? If such a great effort was made to forge documents, make people disappear or be silent, and create whole faked atrocities, faked photos, sham trials, coerced confessions, phone eyewitnesses, and so on, who did it - specifically? Where are the hidden operators who performed all these feats?

Who directed this campaign? Where was it based? Which authority? Since this conspiracy has held over 60 years, how was it passed down from generation to generation to ensure continued compliance all around the world? Who were the Canadian, British, French, New Zealand, Japanese, and Falkland Island authorities to ensure continued compliance? How were all the wartime Nazis and their descendants kept silent for 60 years? How were those who took part in the conspiracy kept silent?

What about their families and descendants? Where is the paper trail for this conspiracy? How was it accomplished without a single memo? And finally, if this conspiracy is so complete, so well-organized, and so perfect, why did they leave so many holes? Why didn't they forge the written order from Hitler to Himmler and other important documents? Why did they fail to wring confessions out of so many key Nazis?

Mr. Holocaust Denier, please feel free to give a detailed account of how a group of people, no matter how powerful, could manipulate the rest of the world's population into believing that a genocide of such proportions had taken place. What methods had they employed to hoodwink free-thinking individuals? Such an undertaking would have to be intrepid indeed to convince a single country. How had it been able to convince a host of other nations as well?

Even if it was possible, how had they been able to maintain complete secrecy? How was it that they had not suffered a single defection? An individual who, perhaps due to a disagreement with "the group," might opt to break ranks after 60 years and expose the whole shabang? Imagine the chat show invites; the fabulous book deals; the wealth and status that such a person could attain for finally offering up proof positive of the biggest historical hoax EVER perpetrated! Was this ring of conspirators totally void of greed and desire for fame and fortune?

Why didn't they notarize Anne Frank's diary, or better yet, keep her alive to say, "Yup, I wrote this?" Why did they let Bormann disappear and Eichmann and Mengele escape to Argentina? Why did it take the Israelis 25 years to find Eichmann, if they control the world? Why did they let Himmler, Ley, and Goering kill themselves without leaving behind a full confession? Why didn't they get one out of Rudolf Hess?

If the whole thing was to create a State of Israel subsidized by American dollars, why did they do such a lousy job, creating a truncated state surrounded by hostile neighbors? Why didn't they simply have Israel invade and conquer the whole Middle East, take over the oil supplies, and ensure high prices for the oil barons and bankers?

The shadowy figures who forged the Wannsee Protocols, the Einsatzgruppen reports, Himmler's Posen speech, etc., are first class hoaxers? The even shadowier persons who tortured Hoess and forced him to concoct a story about mass exterminations in gas chambers are terrible hoaxers? The people who tortured Eichmann and made him give ridiculous testimony to the Israeli courts are at least as bad? The people who bribed every single AR SS staff person tried in West Germany are slimy hoaxers deserving our contempt?

Gitta Sereny faked interviews with about a dozen AR SS staff and various peripheral figures and is a Zionist Hoaxtress without peer, unless we include Robert Lifton, who faked interviews with many Auschwitz doctors and pretended that they witnessed gassings and fatal injections?

This is just what comes off the top of my head in 2/3 minutes and must be barely the tip of the iceberg of one huge hoax. The question I have is this: are innocent believers also hoaxers?

Now to a question I have posed several times, Mr. Holocaust Denier, but you and people like you have avoided like the plague. Can you please name one person who was responsible for the actual post-war manipulation of the evidence described above? Naming entities and governments would help too, so that we can get a handle on the scope of all this and how the actual hoaxing activities have been covered up all this time?

Rabbi Dov Coder


Holocaust deniers are not truth seekers. They are propagandists - apologists for Hitler's Third Reich. They know all too well that the Holocaust really happened. What they want to do is change that narrative from being a horrific act of mass murder and genocide into being the heroic Aryan race protecting itself from a tribe of subhuman and sneaking conspiratorial banker/Communists, by exterminating the Jewish menace just as it was rearing up its ugly head to wreck humanity. Holocaust deniers are liars and propagandists, and usually not even very competent ones at that. They have simply been copying Goebbels for decades, but unfortunately for them, there is no substitute for the original.

They want the concentration camps to become memorials to the guards, the commandant and Hitler, the Jews to become extinct, and history to say it was all heroic, justified, and necessary. In short, it didn't happen, but the Jews got what they deserved. They seek to portray all those hundreds of elderly Jews who told Steven Spielberg that they were taken to Auschwitz with wives, children, siblings, parents, etc., who they have never seen since the selections on the ramp, as hoaxers.

Denial of genocide strives to reshape history in order to demonize the victims and rehabilitate the perpetrators. Denial of genocide is the final stage of genocide; it is what Elie Wiesel has called a "double killing." Denial murders the dignity of the survivors and seeks to destroy the remembrance of the crime.

Israel Cracks Down on Anti-Zionist Foreigners in Samaria

( The IDF cracked down on the Palestinian Authority’s sheltering foreign anti-Israel protestors and entered Ramallah on Sunday to arrest two women accused of being involved in “illegal riots that interfered with Israeli security operations.”

The PA charged Israel with violating agreements giving it self-rule. However, the same agreements allow Israel to act when its security is endangered. The IDF explained that the two women, Arianda Jove Marti of Spain and Bridgette Chappell of Australia, have been involved in riots protesting the separation barrier.

The women, both of them in their 20s, are activists of the pro-Arab International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and were officially charged by the IDF with remaining illegally in Israel, where one of them entered on a temporary tourist visa and the other on a fake visa. The ISM admitted that the visas were not valid but charged that the women did not break any law.

An ISM activist said that about a dozen soldiers arrested the two women early Sunday morning as part of an intensive campaign to prevent a spread of violent demonstrations that have resulted in dozens of injuries to soldiers as well as Arab and foreign protestors, many of them anarchists.

Last month, Israel deported a Czech woman who also was arrested in Ramallah.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bill Clinton Praises IDF Haiti Hospital

( The IDF's rescue operation in Haiti received praise Thursday from former US president Bill Clinton, who is the UN Secretary General's Special Emissary to the Caribbean disaster zone.

Clinton mentioned the hospital at a round table session on philanthropy held Thursday at the International Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, in which Israeli President Shimon Peres was also a member of the panel.

Addressing Peres as the audience looked on, Clinton said: “Shimon, I don't know what we would have done without the Israeli hospital at Haiti. The Israeli hospital was the only operational facility which was able to perform surgery and advanced tests.”

Clinton added that “in the name of the aid workers that operated in Haiti, in the name of the people who live there, and on a personal level I want to thank, we all want to thank, Israel from the bottom of our hearts.”

Peres responded by saying that “Israel will be happy to offer all of its abilities in assisting the rehabilitation of the island.” After the plenary session Peres met with Clinton and the two discussed in detail the ways in which Israel could assist the international effort in Haiti.

Additional participants in the plenary session included Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Jimmy D. Wales, founder of Wikipedia; Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) non-profit association; Shelly Esque, President of Intel Foundation; John Edward Sexton, President of New York University, and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk, organizer of the event.

Friday, January 1, 2010

San Francisco Zionists Cow Anti-Israel Protestors

( The first anniversary marking Operation Cast Lead, this week saw a surge of anti-Israel demonstrations – often billed as “Gaza Freedom Marches” – taking place throughout the Arab and Western worlds. But one rally in San Francisco, a city infamous for political activism hostile to the Jewish state, was met with an unexpectedly assertive Zionist counter-protest.

San Francisco Voice for Israel, a local pro-Israel group affiliated with the StandWithUs organization, has since 2004 been publically confronting what the group terms “anti-Israel hate speech” in the California Bay Area. Taking no position on Israel’s borders or on the fate of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, SFV4I attempts to present Israel as a Western democracy closely allied to the United States. To that end, the group holds regular counter demonstrations – often featuring American flags alongside Israeli ones – across from more belligerent and sometimes violent anti-Israel forces.

Opposite SFV4I this week at San Francisco’s crowded Union Square were Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), International Solidarity Movement (ISM) of Northern California, Code Pink, Women in Black and a number or other organizations hostile to Jewish statehood that normally succeed in broadcasting their message of “Israeli atrocities and racism” much louder and more aggressively than the StandWithUs affiliate.

But this week the Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA) of Northern California, a new factor in the Bay Area Jewish scene with a much younger membership than other pro-Israel groups, joined SFV4I and for the first time succeeded in turning the tables on the anti-Israel demonstrators. Rather than talk about Israeli democracy, the Alliance assertively pushed a message of Jewish national rights to all territory between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River. Caught off balance by the unapologetic and forceful Zionist message, anti-Israel activists, although employing their familiar tactic of presenting Israeli policies in a negative light, found themselves unable to challenge the assertion of Jewish rights.

ZFA’s message was not only directed against the anti-Israel protestors across the square but also against the Barack Obama administration in Washington and its pressure on Israel to freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. And while many of SFV4I’s members were visibly appreciative of the fresh and proudly Zionist message put forward by the younger ZFA activists, the organization’s leadership was initially apprehensive about working together.

“Our position is simple,” said Michael Harris of SFV4I. “We stand in support of a Jewish democratic state of Israel. We take no position on issues such as settlements, various peace proposals including final borders, et cetera, as those are for the elected government of Israel to decide... [However] some of ZFA’s positions are in direct opposition to the policies of all of the recent governments of Israel and that can confuse people who don't understand the issue very well.”

The more conservative SFV4I organizers were initially concerned that the Alliance was going to “hijack” their event and told Israel National News that they will not allow their “events [to be] taken over by those who want to push a particular political agenda.” But once it became clear how effective ZFA activists were in cowing their anti-Israel opponents while at the same time educating passersby to the justice of Jewish rights, SFV4I became more appreciative and welcoming to the new group.

ZFA leader Yehuda Katz, who reportedly also organized his activists to act as security guards to the older SFV4I demonstrators, told INN that when he learned that the anti-Israel event would be taking place in a part of the city with heavy pedestrian traffic and slow moving cars, his team quickly prepared materials and organized their activists for a counter-protest. “The Zionist Freedom Alliance opposes all forms of racism and bigotry, whether directed against Arabs, Jews or anyone else. Right now we see two forms of discrimination directed against our people so we go out and protest. On a local level here in San Francisco, people who call themselves progressive are constantly trying to delegitimize the rights of the Jewish people to sovereignty in our homeland. And on a larger scale, the government of this country is pressuring the government of Israel to prevent Jews from building in Israel’s heartland simply because they’re Jews. We can’t sit still in the face of injustice so we go out and give a voice to the voiceless Jews of Judea and Samaria.”

When asked how they connect their message of Jewish national rights to the anti-Israel protestors’ specific focus on last year’s war in Gaza, Katz said that if not for the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza region there would have been no need for a war. “The war was a direct result of the forced expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif. If not for that tragic crime, both Jews and Arabs would be living better lives in Gaza right now.”