Friday, October 2, 2009

Facebook removes the account of the Jewish Internet Defense Force

Once again, Facebook has shown it’s true colors. As of yesterday, the account of David Appletree and the Jewish Internet Defense Force was suspended. This is not the first time this has happened. David has been dealing with this problem for months now - the account would be pulled, then returned intact; pulled again a week later, then restored, etc. This time it’s supposedly over personal information issues. Facebook wants David to provide a government document proving he’s a real person and that David Appletree is his legal name.

What an absurd request, and what a blatant case of harassment. Shame on Facebook!

Shielding true personal information, especially a group like the JIDF, is essential to keeping people such as David safe from individuals who would like nothing more than to silence pro-Jewish voices for good. It’s a harsh, cruel world out there, and it's inhabited by bigots (and just plain nasty people) who want to eliminate Jews and others who dare to take a stand against the electronic jihad/neo-nazi factions spewing their anti-Semitic hatred all over the internet. In my case, one of the hate mongers who infests YouTube actually came to Seattle to try and find me and send me a “message” (probably using a club or a gun). Lucky for me and my family, the person was unsuccessful in his attempts.

The following is the letter I sent to Facebook asking them to reinstate David’s account. Also, please visit the JIDF website and show your support for David and his efforts in combatting anti-Semitism on the Web.



An Open letter To Facebook

Please reinstate the account of David Appletree of the Jewish Internet Defense Force. It is my understanding that Facebook deleted his account over personal information issues.

I must protest this deactivation in the strongest terms. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, and YouTube need sites like the JIDF to counter the rising tide of Anti-Semitism 2.0, a phenomenon that seems to be growing exponentially over the last few years. Islamist terror cells, white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, and Holocaust denial organizations all seem to have a presence on Facebook. Will it be the policy of your company to “card” those accounts as well? I also notice that you have several Chabad and other Jewish accounts on a list for requesting documentation.

Such behavior brings back memories for many Jews, in which one of the early tactics of the Hitler regime in Nazi Germany was that a Jew was required to “show his papers” to any soldier on demand or risk arrest.

As a longtime member of another site, YouTube, I can also attest to the power of anti-Semitic forces engaging in spam-flagging an account into suspension, even when that account has not violated any TOS policies. My own account, ravdov571, was suspended in 2008 after being attacked by neo-nazi and Islamist flaggers who were determined to silence me. Luckily, I was able to get it back intact. I hope this will be the case with Facebook concerning the account of TheJIDF.

I can say with all assurance that David is an forthright, upstanding, honest person who just wants to ensure the safety of himself and his family, in view of the death threats he has been receiving. He is currently, in my opinion, the most important and effective voice in the Jewish community in the war against hate and intolerance.

I would ask that Facebook immediately reinstate the account of David Appletree, and restore his document, friends lists, articles, and all things pertaining to it. Please do not let the forces of anti-Semitism influence Facebook policy. Doing so would create a slippery slope, in which the efforts of pro-Jewish and pro-Israel voices on the internet would end up being severely crippled, if not totally eliminated.


Wendy E MacAskill said...

hi my name is Wendy MacAskill i am faithful reader and listener to jidf posts and am shocked that fb resorted to doing this to david apple tree. sound the shofar and get people interested in issues related to israel and the middle east.. it is high time we do that to let people know our views whether we agree with them or not. using the internet as a vehicle of information and letting others know about it is the only way we can keep freedom of the press and know what is going on in the holy land israel. iam also jewish married to non jewish guy and we both go to temple and learn alot. please reactivate all david apple trees accounts as stated on the page and help spread the word of the torah and bible. they are not any different. the wording is different but the meaning the same. hope you restore his account we love his stories on the jidf. it is not a terrorist organization so restore it fully so david can spread the word to others. thanks bye sksk

Dr. Kocsis László said...

Outrageous what happened! Facebook is a Nazi!

We Never Lost Hope said...

All of us Jews must unite to fight the anti-Semitism, terrorism, & hate on the internet and in the physical world. David Appletree is an honest, well meaning advocate for us. He is not working for personal gain, he is working for all of the Jewish people. Wishful thinking, that hate does not exist, & that the Jews are not in danger, will not help. We need proactive & dedicated people like David Appletree & Dov Coder to keep up the good fight! Long live the JIDF & all supporters!

nelinels said...

Dov,can we join your letter to send it to the administration?how can we do that electonically?like a vote type of a thing that we want David back so everbody can submit their votes...

Anonymous said...

Just figure it out! America is waking up to you people and we've plain had it with you Jew trouble-makers and traitors.

Nothing but dual-citizen, Israel-Firsters and criminals.

Your troubles are just beginning, Jews!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that when it comes to censorship, you Jews take the friggin' cake. ADL practically runs Youtube and deletes people's accounts all the time, if they are too powerful exposing the Jew. I've been censored tons of times by the Jew.

Seems like you people feel like you can talk about Whites all the time, but never the "Chosen Ones."

America is waking up fast to the Jew! That's what scares you the most.

interstate3704 said...

I have 4 or 5 fb accounts and use them in the gaming to "help" my main one out and yes its cheating but who cares. I even opened one with a variation of simon says and it is never been looked into. They are targeting political activists but not the fascist anti- Semites because most people on fb don't know they exist. And the fascists are working herd against you. I am a proud Christian/Zionist and will support you in whatever way I am able. My true information is on fb and should any goose steppers come for me my shotgun is waiting.