Friday, May 8, 2009


Ever since the bizarre “fuhrer” of YouTube, John Alan Martinson Jr., closed down shop at the hate site Jewish Crime Network, this rag-tag misfit - who apparently can’t even afford a decent outfit and had to beg donations from his followers for a camcorder to record his videos - has popped up once again as the head of the redux known as the One World Nazi Party.

Martinson has managed to glean a following for his new endeavor, but has drawn a lot of ire from the one faction of antisemites that apparently he had hoped to align himself with - the mainstream white nationalist community. Somehow, Martinson wanted to convince them that together, they could fight the common enemy which, of course, is the age-old whipping boy when a society experiences hardships, economic downturns, and political upheavals - the Jews.

This writer hasn’t decided yet as of this posting whether or not the OWNP is intended to be the next “evolution” of antisemitism, or whether this is one giant scam by Martinson to try to bilk his fellow bigots out of gas and grocery money. Several of Martinson’s former associates at the JCN, including Scott Roberts, Adam Austin, and the YouTuber known as RV, have disassociated themselves from this new movement, and one has come out vocally, questioning Martinson’s motives and integrity.

Martinson, like most self-styled neo-nazis, suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD. The definition is "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy”. The way the man struts around like a peacock, demanding support and attention, the seeming lack of compassion for Holocaust victims, and his referring to Jews as “parasites” , “vermin”, and calling on U.S. troops in Iraq to go AWOL, return home, and in his words “turn their guns on the REAL problem” (aka Jews) - would definitely place him in that category.

One thing is certain - such infighting among these groups bodes well for us in the antifa movement. A lot of us have been working behind the scenes to combat this and other groups and movements, collecting information, flagging their YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, and mySpace accounts, and infiltrating their ranks to glean intel on their activities. It may sound strange, but where the OWNP is concerned, the best ally we may have in this fight are the white supremacist organizations themselves.

Many of the mainstream hate groups have openly rejected Martinson and his noveau nazi party on the basis of race. Martinson is from a multi-ethnic background, and that has caused a lot of tension among the internet pro-hate groups. It is probably what caused several YouTube neo-nazis including Scott Roberts to resign from the “board of directors” of the former Jewish Crime Network.

We must fight anti-semitism by all means at our disposal within the limits of the law. Any person or organization or country that engages in anti-semitic propaganda must be sued and prosecuted. The publication of anti-semitic propaganda in any media should be disqualified and prohibited. In countries where anti-semitism is rampant, its significance and dangers must be inculcated in the education system.

We must not be silent in the face of hate, whoever disseminates it. In a great part of the world there is legislation against anti-semitic propaganda, holocaust denial and the use of forbidden symbols (such as Nazi symbols). In those places where there is legislation we should make sure that the laws are enforced and offenders are punished. In those places where there is no legislation we must act to legislate against anti-semitism, as well as bigotry in all its forms.

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Anonymous said...

This entire article is filled with some strong emotions, but it is completely devoid of any real truth. What about the Federal Reserve? What about losing 98% of the US Dollars value since 1913 while giving Israel $8 million a day?

No, I don't think so. You can use amateur psychology till the cows come home, the fact is corruption in government is culture and only the Nazi's will stand up and point out the culprits without leaving it to a mystical group with no identification. No we don't just say "The Jews" that is a cop out used by the mentally inferior who hate honest debate.