Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Big Con Job - The Jewish Crime Network Web Site Closes its Doors

John Alan Martinson and his gang of thugs at the antisemitic web site Jewish Crime Network have closed up shop, announcing to anyone who would surf there (not many it seems) that they were shutting down due to lack of support, financial and otherwise.

It was music to this writer's ears.

The half-dozen miscreants and social rejects who ran the JCN had some big plans for the site. They claimed it was going to be the ultimate one-stop shop for all news related to the world's largest crime network - the people responsible for all the world's ills - the ones who orchestrated 9/11, the downfall of the white race, and your sister's teenage acne...that's right, folks...your local synagogue.

These haters got the chance to spew their Judeophobia and hate for a couple of months, then Martinson announced last week that the JCN was calling it quits due to lack of support. The contents of the site, which was hosted by GoDaddy though one of its proxy domain services, have been removed, much to my relief. There was some real vile content posted there. Martinsons personal web site (hosted by GoDaddy as well),, has had it's antisemitic content removed as well, and it raises the question, at least to me...was it really a financial matter? Perhaps. But why remove the content if the URL(s) still works?

It's relatively inexpensive to keep a website up and running. A quick check of Godaddy's price list, and the setup the JCN had cost less than $100.00 a year, including his personal site. Most of the effort involved in a web site is the time spent keeping it maintained and updated. But another quick check of Martinson's personal web site tells another story...

From June through December 2008, Martinson received nearly $5500.00 in donations from his followers. In addition, he received a laptop, a digital camera, reference material, and clothing so he could appear "presentable" on camera. It appears as though a very small amount of the funds were actually spent maintaining the web site, and instead went towards gas and groceries, rent and perhaps - being the nutjob, antisemitic, conspiracy loonie he is - buying some more guns for his personal stash.

It's apparent that Martinson was just looking for people sympathetic to his "cause" to supplement his personal life. Like his predecessors, it was just another ripoff from another antisemitic con artist. Not only was he conning people into believing that Jews are responsible for every evil in the world, he was bilking his own friends and associates out of money. I guarantee, dear reader, that One-Eyed Jack will try it again, with another audience, another web site, and another scam.

Well played, Hitler-lovers! If the Little Corporal were alive today, he'd be smiling in approval at your incredulousness. Once again, your community of Jew haters, racists, and conspiracy theorists have proven how gullible you really are.

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