Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is a site where Jews and friends of Jews can hang out, schmooze, and discuss our common enemy - the YouTube Nazi Jihadist Brigade!

We've just been witness to the many (19, I think!) YouTube suspensions of the Stormfront Jew hater Scott Roberts. Posing as the "harbinger of truth", Roberts was just another low-life antisemite - an internet bully with a chip on his shoulder the size of a plank.

After his latest suspension, Roberts seemed to drop off the YouTube radar, untill he re-emerged a few days ago as the "19th Channel". But a lot of his old video excretions haven't gone away. A gang of Roberts disciples have been re-uploading his antisemitic propaganda to their own channels, as well as a new effort to silence those who would dare speak up in protest against the lies and myths they are dedicated to spreading.

This new tactic - called spam-flagging - is being spearheaded by several ex-YouTubers as a form of revenge against their perceived enemies, those with whom they don't agree with politically or otherwise. A few of us, including myself, are included in their hit list, and as of Friday, they have claimed the account of a friend, "ZionistNaziHunter". The websites that lead that charge are:

These terrorists are claiming constitutional protection to advocate killing Americans, Israelis, and Jews in particular. They're angry, and are trying to strike back at the people who flag their terrorist videos. They abuse the YouTube reporting system, telling the mindless wanabe cyber-bullies to lie and cheat:

"To take your revenge all you have to do is to click on
"FLAG Reporting Copyright Infringement"

The following are detailed instructions posted on their web sites:

"Flag videos For "Violent or Repulsive Content: shocking or disgusting content, adults fighting, physical attack, minors fighting, animal abuse. Sexual Content: suggestive, but without nudity, other sexual content. Hateful or Abusive Content: promotes hatred or violence, bullying threat, and intimidation, foul languages, personal attack against other You Tube users". If you get three of his videos remove for these violations his account will be suspended. Target the top 3 videos, or all of them."

Whether any of us have material on our channel that violates TOS or not matters not to the antisemites. They are cyber-bullies and cyber-jihadists who are dedicated to spreading lies and hate, and silencing those who would oppose them. How many of us have experienced going toe-to-toe with a nazi like Scott Roberts, only to be blocked by him a few minutes later? It's a common tactic with these people. When we post real history and truth, they cut us off, because they're not interested in actual facts - real truth just gets in the way of their conspiracy theory fantasy world they have created for themselves.

We Jews are their main target, but others have suffered account losses at their hands as well. Our little spam-jihadies seem to favor Wordpress, probably because the hate speech rules are lax. Emails to Wordpress have not yet been replied to, so my guess is they're not interested at the moment in monitoring the terrorists, who are using Wordpress to attack other blog and video sites. 

Please let us know if there are other sites out there that need to be added to the list, and please watch your back when on YouTube! 


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